Tattoo is no longer taboo in Sri Lanka.

More and more people have decided to decorate a specific part of their body with a tattoo. However it is only recently that tattooing has become fashionable in the Galle area and; although still serving a specific public, there is a high demand for especially a professional and hygienic tattoo shop. Well Mr. Sajith de Silva of Sajee Tattoo is the best and most professional tattooist in the Galle region. Moreover Sajee Tattoo also does all kinds of body piercings, which requires a professional, hygienic and safe approach as well.

Sajee Tattoo, situated in Galle in front of Mahamadara Hospital, offers high quality service, working with modern equipment. You can either express your own wish regarding the image you want as a tattoo or make a choice from the wide selection of the thousands of designs they may present to you, it’s up to you, whatever you prefer.

It is also possible to redesign existing tattoos or make a cover up.

Sajee Tattoo is the only place in Sri Lanka where they do micro dermal piercing.  This special way of piercing is a kind of permanent piercing and consists of two parts. One part is placed right underneath the skin and on the other end the anchor is being placed.

Summarized, Sajee Tattoo offers the following services:

  • Customized designs or special requests from you or a specific artist.
  • Portraits
  • Black and grey or full colour
  • Cover up (covering an old tattoo).
  • Touch ups (cover an old tattoo).
  • Touch ups (enhance a faded, damaged or old tattoo).
  • Full consultation and advice.
  • Appointments or walk-in.

Services for piercings are:

  • Treatment in a sterile and private environment.
  • Experienced and fully trained body piercing staff.
  • Standard jewellery.
  • Excellent after care products.
  • Appointments or walk-ins.


Tel: 0773294819

No 309 A/ 5, Colombo Road, Mahamodara, Galle