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The owner of Sanjana Wood Craft, Saman Pramadasa, started the shop in 2004. It has been a family business for a long time and Saman has learnt the skills from his grandfather, who inherited his skills from his ancestors, so it is a business with a long family tradition.

Mr. Saman Pramadasa has won many prestigious awards in Sri Lanka for his wood carving.…

Tel: 0777401769
Address: No 156, Richmend Hill,galle

The Pilgrims Lounge is one place out of the ordinary, situated within the historic Galle Fort. The laid back atmosphere makes it a very relaxed place to be, have a nice cool beer, a coffee or a meal. It’s one of the view places where you can order alcoholic drinks with your meals. The rooftop restaurant treats you with a beautiful view on the Indian Ocean; it’s the perfect place where you can enjoy a gorgeous meal.…

Tel: 0776980257
Address: 31/ B, Rampart Street, Galle Fort, Galle
Galle Business Directory - The Craftsman, Wood Carving Shops in Galle

Sri Lankan handicrafts reflect the artistic tastes of the people of this country.

(Registered under National Craft Council)

The Craftsman makes what you want.

This is a handicrafts shop, dealing with ultimate craftsmanship in the area. Sri Lankan’s rich and varied cultural heritage, exquisitely exposed by local handicrafts, will bring character and colour to any interior. Mr. Ajantha Jayasingha, a veteran in the industry with his masterpiece handicrafts, will make for you anything you want, using 100% original material for each product.…

Galle Business Directory - Orchid House, Craft and Antique Shop in Galle

Those who wishing to experience something of the Galle tradition, visit the Orchid House. A great place to find souvenirs, Tea, Clothes, Spices, Books, Silver jewellery, Antiques, Pottery, Handicrafts, Handlooms, Herbal product, Recycle Paper product and Gift Items…

Tel: 0917429090/0915453344 | Fax: 0917429091
Address: 28/a, Hospital Street, Fort, Galle

Master craftsmanship endowed with inherent talents and skills

Modern’s handlooms and handicrafts shop in Gintota completes with a wide range of tailor-made products and smart handlooms, woven just to fit your own desire. This is an ideal and highly recommended place for customers who appreciate a special personal service and looking for something extraordinary. They create masterpieces in handlooms and handicrafts according to your taste.…

Galle Business Directory - Shermila Batiks, Batik Shop in Galle

Shemila Batiks is based near Galle in the South of Sri Lanka. They produce batiks and tie dye products for retail and wholesale. They run a craft workshop in the truest form and all are welcome to come see the craftswomen work and visit the onsite store. 

Tel: 0777682184
Address: No 369 Mudaliya Kanda Road Koggala Habaraduwa
Galle Business Directory - Mansion Arts & Crafts, Antique Shop in Galle

The Historical Mansion found in the Galle Fort is a quasi museum. It shows various artifacts such as old lamp collections that were traditionally used in the area. Also in the mansion are examples of lost handicrafts such as the cottage industry. The architecture of the Historical Mansion is characteristically Dutch. The items found in the mansion are  private collection of Abdul Gaffar which was carefully collected over 40 years.…

Tel: 0914928484/0912227635 | Fax: 0912242769
Address: Y.W.C.A Building,23,Church St,Dutch Fort,Galle
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