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“When you go to have a massage therapy, it is important to go to an Ayurvedic doctor, because they are well educated in this field”

This statement was addressed by Dr. Krishani Millawithanachi of the Aarogya Ayurvedic Medical Centre. She is a well experienced lady in her profession, having worked for 25 years in the field of Ayurvedic treatment. Apart from her education in Ayurvedic treatment she has also been qualified for Pancha Karma treatment and Ayurvedic body massage.…

Tel: 0718208705, 0912226238,0777738792
Address: No 135/ 1 , Wackwella Road, Galle

While enjoying your tropical holidays you might tempt yourself to some indulgences in a comfortable spa environment.

Situated near the Unawatuna Beach Resort, you will find Soori, the owner of Nature Spa, who is a very friendly person. He has a 15 years’ experience as a qualified therapist in body treatment. Sri Lanka has a long tradition in Ayurvedic treatment and herbal massage.…

Tel: 0773907240
Address: Pillagoda. Unawatuna

Located in Mihiripenna, close to Unawatuna, you will find the Galketiya Ayurveda Treatment Centre. This highly professional Centre has been rooted in an old family tradition. The owner has come from a generation of Aurvedic doctors. Now Osani Ganga Wickramatilaka herself is an Ayurvedic doctor. She has a 12 years’experience and brings along a major load of knowledge and experience from her father and grandfather.…

Tel: 0912250080,0758606963
Address: No 557, Matara road, Mihiripanna, Talpe, Galle

Mrs. Malwanna is an Ayurvedic doctor, educated at Keleniya University and now the qualified owner of Romac Ayuredic Health Centre, where they offer you a variety of treatments, such as body massage , back massage, head massage, facial massage, neck and shoulder massage,  Ayurvedic Shiro Dhara treatment, fermentation, arm massage, hand massage, leg massage and foot massage. The most common treatment is body massage, where different types of oil are being used, depending on the body type.…

Tel: 0777906015
Address: 42/1, leyn baan street, Galle fort, Galle
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