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Mr. Shashee has been working as a tattoo artist since 1997 and he is a very talented tattoo artist. Having a tattoo from Shashee also means that the conditions of getting a tattoo are giving under safe and clean conditions. They always use new sterilized needles for every tattoo. So they take your safety very seriously!

Mr. Shasee will help you to personalize your tattoo by selecting a suitable design according to your personal wish.…

Tel: 0715996969
Address: 456, Galle road, Ambalangoda

Tattoo is no longer taboo in Sri Lanka.

More and more people have decided to decorate a specific part of their body with a tattoo. However it is only recently that tattooing has become fashionable in the Galle area and; although still serving a specific public, there is a high demand for especially a professional and hygienic tattoo shop. Well Mr.…

Tel: 0773294819
Address: No 309 A/ 5, Colombo Road, Mahamodara, Galle
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