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Dahansa Cane Products is a leading designer and manufacturer of cane furniture for private residences, hotels, villas and commercial places. Cane furniture is a typical part of tropical interior architecture and gives a special atmosphere to places like rooms, verandah’s, hotel lounges and gardens, which is so characteristic for Sri Lanka. They do in both indoor and outdoor furniture, as well as other objects, such as lamps and dustbins, as you can see from the extensive collection in their shop in Overkanda, Rathgama.…

Tel: 0729064525/0728187871
Address: Galle Road, Owakanda,Rathgama

Furniture is an essential part of your interior decoration, be it a home, a villa, a hotel or office, a large area or a limited space, they will deliver a fine result. A beautiful design and quality products reflex your good taste.

Therefore we would like to introduce you to one of the top furniture makers in the Galle region, not just an ordinary furniture shop, but a bespoken handmade furniture workshop: Lihini Furniture.…

Tel: 0773985125,0917200000
Address: 453/23, Hendri Pediris MW, Dangedara, Galle

We all need furniture.

Furniture is not an article we use to buy very often, like our daily shopping. Therefore you need a good product against a reasonable price.

Rohini Furniture has a 20 years’ experience in the field of sophisticated furniture making and showroom sales and they can thus guarantee you a high quality of their products from their own furniture making workshop.…

Tel: 0772338748,0912267908
Address: Colombo Road, Pinthaliya Junction, Pitiwalla, Bussa
Galle Business Directory - Abeysekera Furniture, Furniture Shop and Online Furniture Store in Galle

Excellent craftsmanship

Abeysekera Furniture is one of the leading furniture showrooms in Galle with branches in Waduraba, Immaduwa and Dewata; the main branch is in Labuduwa town. Abeysekera has been specialized in a wide range of high quality furniture, classic, as well as modern furniture, against reasonable prices. With a reputation of quality and durability of their furniture they cover a vast range of regular customers locally, as well as island wide.…

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