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Although the name Thowfeek Ceremics indicates the sale of ceramics only, the opposite is true. The company has established a business in building materials with an astonishing variety of articles and services in the field of wholesale, retail and as importers of products such as general hardware, sanitary ware, tiles, electrical goods, from s-lon Prc fitting, ACL cables to Orange switches, as well as all kinds of PVC and aluminium doors and door locks.…

Tel: 0912223617,0914941804 | Fax: 0912226543
Address: 125, Main Street, Galle

A truly unique and environmental friendly product Batapola Engineering makes is the sand machine. Sand making machines are new in the market and it is a very good idea, because now you can make high quality sand out of clay for a cheap price, instead of having it to take river beds, sieve it and then use it.

Sand taken from the sand making machine is very easy, gives a high quality, is cheap and doesn’t hurt the environmentally volatile river eco system because it is an alternative for river sand and in this way you can help to protect our nature.…

Tel: 0773044262
Address: Sadamulla, Batapola
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