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If you are looking for the best beauty parlor in Galle town you should pay a visit to Yonix. Its very professional internationally trained staff will turn your wedding day into a fairytale.

Yonix Beauty Parlour is situated on the 1st floor of Panj City Building behind the Galle Bus Stand. Its very dedicated owners enjoy an extended training in their field and are fully qualified, as well as have a more than ten years’ experience in bridal and beauty services.…

Tel: 0914385527, 0773262085, 0777852866
Address: P & J City, 1st Floor, Gamini Mawatha, Galle
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Thusitha Bopaga is one of the most talented beautician in the Galle area. He has built up a lot of experience since 2000 and he has dressed up many brides up till now. They enjoy an excellent reputation in bridal dress making and flower bouquet arrangements.

Product and services

Bridal dressing

Dress making


Hair cutting

Hair Dressing

Make up


Saree work

Monique and padique





Tel: 0776135107/0915670707
Address: 48, Kalagana, Galle

Salon Bonitha in Galle is one of the leading beauty salons in the region. Mrs. Thilakshani Kariyawusam is the owner and she is not only a highly talented beautician with more than 10 years experience, but she is a very pleasant and dedicated person to take care of your entire bridal dressing, make-up and hairstyling. She will make you feel very comfortable on the start of your wedding day and she will put in all her talents to make your wedding day unforgettable.…

Tel: 0776979902 doctortat205@yahoo.com
Address: 309/5, Mahamodara, Galle

Every girl’s dream is to become the most beautiful bride in the world. From childhood it’s the dream that has been carved in every woman’s heart. The woman’s most precious item is her beauty. However, beauty varies from person to person; it’s all about personal taste. It is not anymore like early days, when women were able to spend time for their manicure and pedicure, now it is the field where you need professionals.…

Tel: 0717410499 liyasara.kulapiyasa@gmail.com
Address: No 167/2, Colombo Road, Kaluwella, Galle

Salon Jeewa is a famous and the most professional salon in the Ambalangoda – Galle region, situated at 118 Al1, G.M.A. building. Ms. Jeewa Udayangeni Binduhewa, the owner, is the big person behind the success of Salon Jeewa. She is a beautician, a hairdresser and  a famous bridal designer.

clip_image002Mrs. Jeewa Udayangeni is an expert in her field with more than 14 years experience.…

Tel: 0777911574,0914382310
Address: 118/A, G.M.A Bulding,Galle

Salon Capri is one of the best salons in the Galle-Imaduwa region.

Ms. J.P. Nilusha Lasanthi, the owner of the salon, is a very dedicated woman to her job. She puts all her efforts, creativivity and energy into her customers. She wants to make the bride really very beautiful and she has the experience, the talents and skills to do so.…

Tel: 0772955666, 0774038877
Address: Paragoda, Imaduwa

On your wedding day you should be the Queen-of-the-Day!

Mrs. Tharangani, the owner of Salon Ruwathi, has a 12 years experience in creating Queens-of-the-Day. She is an adorable woman and the right person to feel comfortable with to prepare you for the Great Day in your life. Realizing how important this day will be for you, she is very dedicated to her work, as well as very professional.…

Tel: 0718260860, 0777858483
Address: 146/1, wackwalla Road, Minuwangoda, Galle

Mrs Thanuja Dilrukshi, the elegant owner of Salon Dilroo, is specialized in dressing, hair styling, manicure and make-up of brides. As a well experienced beautician she not only takes care of your make-up and hairdressing, but she also helps you to select a design for a beautiful wedding dress and tasteful sarees, which she makes herself in her workshop.

At her salon, which is situated at 300/B, Walewalla Road, you can get any kind of bridal and beauty culture service according to your taste and requirements, being offered and advised by Mrs.…

Tel: 0774428005,0718564953
Address: No 300/B, Wackwalla Road, Galle
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